What is New Zealand Style Coconut Yogurt?

New Zealand Style is like no other yogurt you’ve ever tried before. Naturally thick and creamy, perfectly sweet and oh so crave-able. It’s as distinctively lush and beautiful as Raglan, the coastal town where it was born.

Where is Raglan?

Raglan is a famous surf town on the North Island of New Zealand that attracts folks from around the world with its hipster vibe and awesome surf. Some say it’s like going back in time to California circa 1969.

Are your products made in New Zealand?

We have our own factory in Raglan, which produces for Asia Pacific and is our product development hub. Due to our relatively short shelf life — 50 days from production — we have a production partner in New York to supply the US.

Where can I buy Raglan?

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Is Raglan Organic?

Our coconuts come from beautiful Indonesia. The coconut trees grow in the wild without the use of fertilizers, sprays or pesticides. For some of the smaller growers, the organic certification process is too costly. That’s why we’ve chosen not to buy organic cream — to support these folks.

Is Raglan Non-GMO?

Yes, our Non-GMO Verification is in process, and we’ll be certified within the year.

Is Raglan Vegan?

Yes, we’re plant-based, dairy-free and suitable for vegans. If you’re dairy intolerant, dip in!

Is Raglan Gluten-Free?

Yes, we are. If you’re gluten intolerant, you can enjoy worry-free. Our certification is in process.

Is Raglan Kosher?

Yes, we are Kosher Dairy Certified (Kosher OU-D). This Kosher distinction means we do not contain dairy but are produced in a facility that produces other dairy products.

Why be Plastic Neutral Certified?

Our paperboard cups contain 80% less plastic than a regular plastic yogurt cup. To offset our plastic consumption, we buy credits from rePurpose Global for the removal of plastic waste from the environment. We are working with our cup supplier on a 100% compostable cup.

Why be B Corp Certified?

We are proudly New Zealand’s first certified B Corp yogurt. We meet the highest standards of social and environment performance, balancing profit and purpose.

Do you add any sugar?

Dextrose is added during the fermentation process but is fully eaten by the cultures. Our sweetness comes only from our fruit purées.


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  • Although coconuts are relatively high in fat, they contain medium-chain saturated fatty acids instead of long-chain fatty acids — easing digestion.
  • Coconut oil is thermogenic (tends to produce heat), which increases the amount of energy — potentially speeding metabolism.
  • Our probiotics support digestive health.
  • Lauric acid, which is found in coconut cream, is known to naturally boost immunity.